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Marinport Gulf Harbour's FAQ

  • How big will the development be?

There are just eight properties available. 

  • Can I change the house plans to suit my specific requirements?

The first four houses are due for completion in May, 2020. Accordingly design changes are getting hard to make but we will try and accommodate where we can.  

  • Can I chose my own interior and exterior colours?

Exterior colours are confirmed in the resource consent design. Interior colours can still be selected at this stage, as at March 20. 

  • When are the houses expected to be built?

Construction is well underway for the first four houses and expected in May 2020. The last four are expected to be underway shortly with all piling for foundations completed. 

  • Can you help with financing?

We are happy to discuss financing options on a case by case basis.

  • Does the development have covenants?

There are no covenants. Owners are to become members of the Gulf Harbour Marine Village Residents Association Incorporated who maintain the berths and waterway. There is no body corporate for the houses. 

  • Does the purchase price include a marina berth?
A 12 meter berth is included in the purchase with the option of a 14 meter berth.

If you have any other questions, please email Ian at Or give him a call on 021 939 0228. He’d love to hear from you. 

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